A case for "marketing automation" during the lead gen phase

A case for "marketing automation" during the lead gen phase

I was emailing some comments to a client a little time ago. And feeling a little guilty because its easy to criticise others’ work … But its vital that we B2B IT marketing folk understand all of the tools available to us.  This client is about to spend a LOT of money on a very exciting marketing campaign designed to drive traffic [hopefully!] to a web site …

All great — but the web site [the very thing that the campaign relies upon on to act as the sticky, magnetic, compelling engine to turn visitors into leads ] –looks at first look to be letting the side down.  It’s very ‘last year’ … there’s no marketing automation you see.

Whats Marketing Automation ? Well — if you search for a definition of “Marketing Automation” on Google, you get a bewildering array of results … but for the definition of what I am talking about, watch the first three-quarters of this video from loopfuse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhUkn1bmqTM which defines what is available today.

So — going back to RMS’s customers’ site — imagine that in the web surfers interactions with the site, we could track the reader’s path through the site itself.  What page do they go to ?  then where next ? and after that ? … not only would we know what pages they hit, and how they navigated through the site but we can deduce what they liked and what they didn’t.  Lets imagine that we have several ‘giveaway’ items that they can ‘mark’ for download later [a PDF of a whitepaper or a case study etc …] almost like a shopping basket of items that they can gather as they window-shop.  Then they hit a page for their details and BAM – we can put a name to the traffic.  Later we send them an eDM as follow-up or a newsletter and we can see they opened that too 🙂  …. or that they didnt ;-( [but at least we know !]

This is not new technology – it’s been available for some time.  We [RMS] were the beneficiaries of marketo at RMS customer Altium in a very successful implementation indeed.  The leaders in this area are http://www.marketo.com/ and http://www.eloqua.com/.  I don’t resell either of them incidentally.  I have just learned that in the B2C industry, you can have a million clicks and a certain %age of clickers WILL do something and that’s OK.  But in the B2B IT industry – where RMS’s clients exist – we tend to measure our traffic in the hundreds of clicks … and we need to make the most of every single interaction point – and that means “marketing automation” is a must-have.

Contact me for more information — more than happy to intro you to the local vendors’ guys …  You may not need RMS in those early days of setup … but we will all benefit later in the cycle.  [btw, dont beleive the hype from the marketing automation vendors — you cannot turn off the traditional marketing things — but once again this is a great tool for augmenting the activity .. I cannot over-stress the importance of an ability for [for example] a telemarketer to SEE the result of calling someone, then subsequently being able to see the result of the person hitting the web site from the email that was sent by the telemarketer to the target ….

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