Welcome back to another RMS commentary, this week we’re discussing the Marketo Fall Q3 18’ Release going live on October 12 at approximately 6:00pm. Aim of today? Summarise the most important features and enhancements to you, the Marketo user. Interested in our last commentary? Click here. So, without further ado here are our 2-cents worth on what is truly beneficial along with other minor enhancements.



New Features and Enhancements!


Marketo Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


  • NEW! Account AI (Beta): ABM is here, and it is improving. This addition does forebode good things to come and to those that use it, it is an exciting prospect. This will further optimise the targeting function in revealing best-fit accounts for users – a cool addition. If this is something you want to know more about, reach out to your consultant.


Marketo Sales Engage (MSE):


  • SFDC Lightning Support: First things first, MSE is AWESOME and not enough people are using it. MCE is an outlook addon that shows live interactions with your sales emails and provides reps with a prioritised list of the highest scoring leads (and much more that you can see here). Now, as many Marketo users are running lightning with their Salesforce instance, this is fantastic and is giving more and more power to the users. All in all, great news!
  • Expanded Support – Microsoft Outlook as a Delivery Channel: Great news! MarTech support is much like a party, the more the merrier… No complaints on our end!

Marketo Sky (Next-Generation Experience):


  • New Look & Feel: It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s exciting – what is it? Marketo Sky of course! With a new look and feel coming with MS, it is very worthwhile and recommended that you get in and have a play with it. While this will affect your use of Marketo in the long term, there is no rush as this is still in beta and will eventually roll out. However, better to start earlier rather than later. Additionally, if you would like a demo of Marketo Sky or have any questions regarding it – contact your consultant!
  • Marketing Activities Homepage: Hooray for streamlining! Since 90% of Marketo use is within the Marketing Activities portion this is a welcomed enhancement and timesaver. This will enable us to look at current and scheduled campaigns from the dash as opposed to individually diving into each one – USER FRIENDLINESS IS GOOD!
  • Design Studio Homepage: What did I say about streamlining? Hooray for streamlining! A ‘reimagined’ design studio experience is on its way including more drag and drop functionality and improved asset management. Sounds good to me!
  • Prioritisation for Trigger Campaigns: NOW THIS IS COOL! Being able to say this trigger is more important than this trigger is absolutely awesome and is arguably the most revolutionary aspect of this release. Now we all know the saying…with great power comes great responsibility. While it is very exciting with a huge amount of potential business benefits spanning across all industries, extensive thought about the possible implications of integrating this feature is a must. In that light, we strongly recommend reaching out to your Marketo consultant and having a chat at the very least!

Additional Enhancements:


  • Ad Network Integrations – Refresh Token: For customers using LinkedIn Lead Gen (we know you’re out there), authentication notifications will now be less frequent!


Done, thanks for tuning in!


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