RMS scoops ANZ Marketo Partner of the Year Award

RMS scoops ANZ Marketo Partner of the Year Award

Watch below as RMS is announced as the winner of the ANZ Marketo Partner of the Year 2019 award.. At Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art  – just before Adobe Symposium – June 26th 2019.

Tonight we were honoured to win an award from one of the biggest IT companies on the planet – celebrating our excellence in implementing their technology.

This is the inaugural award – celebrating dedication to customer success using Marketo Engage. Adobe was inundated with submissions for this award.
RMS has shown a continued commitment to customer success, with over 275 implementations and has a reputation for delivering outstanding business outcomes. RMS’s ability to foster strong field relationships and consistently anticipate customer needs has built advocacy – making RMS a staple in the Marketo partner community“.


It’s at times like this – when recognition is given – that you take stock of business achievements. Three things to say – I’d like to pass on my thanks to the entire Resolution Marketing Services team, past and present, for your dedication to our customers’ success. Thank you. This is your award. To the folks at Marketo ANZ, thank you to the partner success team, customer success, sales teams and management teams … onwards and upwards with Adobe !

Finally – the last word must go to our customers past and present. Thank you for the chance to shine. It’s been a wild ride so far – and we look forward to the next part of your journey …

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