Tales from Adobe / Marketo RKOM!

Tales from Adobe / Marketo RKOM!

I’ve just returned from RKOMMarketo’s Revenue Kick Off Meeting – in San Francisco.

I am left breathless. This is my fifth RKOM – been attending for a while now. I have to admit that I was feeling a little concerned going into this one – with the news that Adobe has stamped its authority on Marketo’s Summit by smashing it into one-day @ Adobe Summit in March. I was concerned for the Marketo brand and for the autonomy of my Marketo friends and colleagues. Most of all, I was concerned about what that meant for our RMS clients.

Well, my fears were unfounded – I have left RKOM with a spring in my step, a feeling of relief, envy and a renewed sense of vigour.

The spring in my step relates to tales of wonderment at the Adobe brand. For nine years I have worked hard to get one of RMS’s clients onto a single Gartner Quadrant, so I know know how much effort this is, and not every marketer gets to even try – it’s a real challenge. Marketo themselves are on a couple of quadrants.

Steve Lucas popped up a slide which left me dumbfounded, feeling totally inadequate and thoroughly excited all at the same time. I’ll get the numbers wrong – but it’s a rounding error, so apologies – Adobe is a leader in over 30 magic quadrants. Thirty! Just, like, WOW! And they’re big ones too – from Best Personalisation Engine to AdTech to Web Content Management to Digital Experience …



Relief. For years, the rumours of Marketo being bought have circled – first when SFDC looked like it might woo Marketo, then IBM, MSFT and others.  Well, after a long journey, it’s landed at Adobe – and it’s clear – at $11bn revenue, and with a higher street value than the major competition [the aforementioned Salesforce.com] that Marketo has found it’s long-term home.  It’s done – we can relax now people, and settle in for the mature years. Adobe is Marketo’s new home, and it’s a huge family nest with massively deep pockets.

Envy.  From the outset, it’s clear that this kick off was different.  The brand assets, oh the assets.  The imagery, the artwork, the colours … I wanted it to wash over me like a 1960’s psychedelic rock concert … I just LOVE the Adobe imagery, and it was ALL OVER the stage assets.  I’m so looking forward to 2019 that feels like the 60s, baby ..

Enthusiasm.  RMS is well placed to keep helping Marketo clients. With over 225 Marketo installs at the time of writing this blog, we are enormously excited by the opportunity presenting itself.  We added over a dozen new clients in the last half of 2018 – and we very much look forward to meeting some new folks in 2019.

We’re excited to say that Marketo knows the value of partners – with over 90% of Top AEs using partners to advise clients how much/what solutions/and when to buy – or not.   There’s a reason RMS’s ‘customer churn’ rate is less than 10% of other organisations .. we are honest, straight and pragmatic with our advice. That won’t need to change with the new management @ Adobe.


There are many things – product lines and dates, new products, events and plans that I cannot talk about here, but rest assured that the future looks bright … Bring on 2019 folks !!!


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