RMS’s Marketo Training – full speed ahead!

RMS’s Marketo Training – full speed ahead!

We dropped in on RMS’s Marketo Essentials training today in Sydney. It seemed everyone was behaving themselves šŸ™‚

The courses are meant for a maximum of eight students – to maintain good trainer:to:student ratios.

That’s Mina at the front, he’s one of our many Marketo instructors. He’sĀ one of our Marketo experts and has more than a few training courses under his belt.

Here’s what one of our attendees had to say aboutĀ the course..

“It was a great learning experience. I would recommend this courseĀ (Marketo Essentials)Ā to anyone who is new to Marketo and would like to get the initial confidence before hitting the ground. Our instructor was absolutely brilliant and he has got an in-depth understanding about marketing automation which was really helpful.”Ā Ā Munia Mukherjee, Ricoh Australia

RMS’s courses are the ONLY face-to-face, public Marketo training courses in Australia/New Zealand. The Essentials is one of our training course optionsĀ – other offerings include Advanced Marketo, private/personalisedĀ contentĀ (so you can really flex the Marketo muscle) and on-site private training for your whole team.

For more information about the courses or upcoming sessions, check out the link here..

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