MarTech Sundowner – May 2018

MarTech Sundowner – May 2018

And what a great evening it was. A huge focus on marketing technology. It was great to see so many faces and listen to the MarTechy conversations during the balcony cocktail extravaganza.

The weather was kind to us, and I was relieved that we did t have any need for heat.

Thanks to all who attended, and to the RMS team for putting it on – nice job, JL!

We didnt really get to our “Top 10 things” we learned from Marketo Summit – as promised it really wasn’t an evening for presentations.  But we did have a rolling presentation going – which I have  placed here. It covers the major announcements at Summit, as well as some inspirational quotes too.  If you want the .pptx, let me know.

BY FAR the biggest announcement is about Marketo’s new found lead attribution strategy – with the acquisition of Bizible.  Next comes the new Marketo Sales Engage – which will be a desktop view/dashboard for sales, then the new Marketo UX [aka Sky], then improved analytics, mass approvals of assets, asset expiration, fancy forms, advanced templates, launchpoint partner integrations and more.


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