The need for Digital Marketing Analytics

The need for Digital Marketing Analytics

Let’s face it – the quality of reporting from across our marketing ecosystem sucks. CRM reporting is bad, Marketing Automation tools are not much better and Google is hopeless. They all do a just-about passable job of reporting on their own data [and maybe a little bit about some of the data sync’d between them] – but that’s about as good as it gets.

All of the vendors’ reporting tools are restricted to their “own world” and just don’t report historically back in time [although Google Analytics does a bit of this].  It’s understandable, but frustrating because the only way to get good, cross-systems analytics is via an export to Excel … and by the time you’ve worked all the plumbing out, it’s out of date … Ugh.  So most people – 100% of the people I’ve spoken to the in the last 6 months actually – just don’t do it properly, or they rely on one ‘main’ system as their source of truth. That’s about as sensible as just getting your news from just CNN … you can do it, but its not advisable.


Your customers will cross many boundaries in their journey with your marketing messages.  How much of that can you see about their journey?

Your leads, prospects and customers will pass through about a dozen separate systems.  Some of the more obvious ones are:

  • your social environs [FB, LI, t etc.]
  • your web site/cms
  • your CRM
  • your email marketing tool
  • your advertising system
  • your community sites
  • operation/delivery tools
  • your events system
  • your staff’s email inboxes
  • your content tool etc. etc.

So – if the humans you’re marketing to go through those systems – shouldn’t you be able to access that data and learn from that behaviour to make your marketing even better ?

That’s one of the things that RMS’s Digital Marketing Analytics system does.  It crosses these boundaries to give reports such as:

  • To the Sales Manager: “Which digital assets/emails containing which case studies/messages/content are historically proven to be most likely to move an OPP from 60% to Closed/Won in the shortest possible time?
  • To the Marketing Manager “which digital asset is best suited to send to people to engage them more deeply? which content/LP is the money page at which stage in the funnel?
  • To the Advertising Manager: “which Google Adwords campaigns have led to best sales, and which ones you should do more of?
  • To the Salesman: “if I need another $1m to make my Q, what does past history tell me is the best way to do that?  Which is the best product?, best geography?, best prospects?, best message?
  • To the CEO: “which parts of my marketing is working best and how should we focus?”

We need something which crosses the boundaries and looks at data across those systems, just like your customers’ do on their journey with you. You need one dashboarding system which dynamically pulls data from the sources above and presents them to you – visually.  All pulling all of that together is going to be a challenge.

But it’s a challenge that we’re getting ready to meet.

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