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One of our customers recently asked what we use for managing our newsletters.  So I thought I’d share it with the world:

* For one of our clients we pass ‘round the content in a Word .docx – but that’s open to the perils of getting corrupted, older versions of Word causing stuff-ups and files going missing.

* For another client we leverage their SharePoint capability – and pass around a link to the document and force a check-in/check-out so there’s proper versioning … which works pretty well actually. The newsletter is in HTML and we have given them MSFT Expression as the HTML editor. The process is that we create an empty shell, then we post to the SharePoint environment and send out an email to the first person to just ‘drop down’ the images and text they want. It’s pretty WYSIWYG and they’re doing the hard work for the marketing team [SSssshh!]. Funnily enough, at the last minute we extract it from Expression and do one last cleanse in Dreamweaver to tidy up all the non-necessary MSFT HTML tags (it reduces the size of the HTML by up to 30%!)

For RMS’s newsletter we put it into Salesforce (where it will be blasted from) and just take it in turns to build. The beauty there is that its in-situ; but you need a decent CRM solution.


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