Still not sure that Social Media Marketing is for you & your business ..?

Check this article out… If these stats are to be believed, then soon our pets will be using social media …

Social Media Marketing [SMM] doesnt need to be hard .  You’ll need a sherpa in the early days … but you’ll soon have the training wheels off.  Even a lawyer I know is getting into it … so it cant be too hard. And in another example of turning people’s opinions around — one of RMS’s COOs was heard today “I wasnt really sure that I wanted to do these video testimonials …. but now I think I love it“.

And even the simplest of SMM strategies can yield excellent results.

There’s proof that this stuff works:

There’s heaps of reasons to do it:

And we know of some great ways to ‘blend’ social media marketing with traditional marketing activity.

There’s simply no defensible reasons to not to get to it, and undeniable evidence that if you dont get to it, others will …!  Get to it ! 

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