Reasons for doing social media

I was asked the above question by a client the other day.

Yes, there’s the tangible reasons:

  • lead generation
  • increased traffic to web
  • better visibility
  • relevance in an SEO sense
  • credibility in topic/area of expertise

But it got me to thinking there a lot of other reasons [intangibles] too.  Here’s some of them:

  • Education of staff [its amazing how much better acquainted with a topic that you’re blogging about when you are asked to do so – see this as an opportunity to get staff trained up/opinionated etc.]
  • Better collaboration of strategy. The process we have put in place forces colleagues to work as a social media team – with one main person leading and others re-tweeting that message to their followers; then change places [much like a 4-man indoor cycle team] it leads to better communication and better conversations and better strategy.
  • This tends also to lead to far better morale – which leads to higher staff retention.

Got any others ?


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