RMS insights into Marketo Sky

RMS insights into Marketo Sky

On April 30th, 2018, Marketo released the opt-in beta experience known as Marketo Sky. This is the shiny, new experience that utilises new designs, workflows and features to help the user get more out of Marketo. Across the span of it’s life it has been continuously updated with new features and functionality coming every few weeks whilst remaining in beta.  Before we get into our top five favourites from Marketo Sky (as of the 26/02/19) we want to highlight that the new experience is still very much in Beta. This means that some functions are limited and the platform hasn’t been optimised to facilitate speedy navigation, but like everything in life, these will iron out with new releases. With that being said, we are incredibly excited for the full release.

So – what’s gotten us excited? For the daily Marketo user, big improvements to the platform can make a difference to how complex or far reaching programs are but more often than not it is the ‘small time savers’ that are GAME CHANGING. For most of us at RMS (and indeed the entire Marketo User Community), the first new feature in sky that made the biggest impression on us was:

1. Mass Approving / Unapproving of Assets:

It seems so simple, but oh what a difference it makes. While its usefulness will largely depend on the sheer number of assets you have in a single program (as the functionality is limited to a single selected program) and the types of programs you work with, a degree of time will still be saved. For those that utilise engagement programs, drip nurture programs or global forms (that when changed create a draft for all LPs that the form is used on) this will prove to be very useful.



2. Mass Activation / Deactivation of Smart Campaigns:

Another simple addition that will save the Marketo user time. Many use cases come to mind whether that be the update of program statuses to the full layout of a drip nurture programs automations. All Marketo users will benefit from this addition.



It is important to note that a huge degree of care must be taken when using these additions. Testing has and will always remain as a central component to marketing automation and while these additions do look great, they provide a shortcut to just this. Please ensure that if you do utilise these, you do not sacrifice your testing processes.

3. Search Additions: Labels and Date Ranges

The addition of labels, date ranges and type searches will prove to be very beneficial for the heavily used instances that we are so accustomed to working with. Firms that go through marketing programs like nothing else (and who have trouble utilising the archiving functionality) will find large benefit from this in the form of additional time (woo time for MORE marketing programs). It is recommended that you create a naming convention strategy for these labels and adopt the input of these as early as possible. These will only help if you put in the ground work.



4. Improvements to Tokens and their Functionality

While not used by all Marketoites, functionality has been added to tokens in the following ways:

  • Ability to create a FOLDER for tokens
  • Ability to CLONE tokens (in the same program) and;
  • Removal of the ability to RENAME tokens.

Now when looking at these features two words came to mind.. LEAD SCORING. This will definitely provide added organisation to lead scoring programs with its power really shining in the complex use cases we tend to see that involve multiple scoring dimensions and scoring sources.



5. Improved Asset Information Visibility

Our final favourite is the improvement of where information pertaining to an asset is kept and how it is shown. Alongside the beautiful UX upgrade to this, the addition of the asset ID has been included. This proves incredibly useful for those that use SFDC in conjunction with their Marketo instance and send Marketo emails via Marketo Sales Insight. This can be found at the bottom of the summary.



Some other cool things we found useful includes:

  • Ability to set expirations on forms, emails and landing pages
  • Improved iconography – nice for UX and some functionality
  • Small functions such as being able to close the tree completely


These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sky’s potential impact on your use of Marketo. For many seasoned users, these features will speed up the execution of programs, streamline filing/management of programs and increase the usage of program based tokens now that there is a significant improvement in token management within each program folder. Needless to say, we are hugely excited for what is to come and we do recommend jumping in and having a look around at your earliest convenience.

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