Content translation & Localization Automation with Cloudwords

Content translation & Localization Automation with Cloudwords

Tired of copying and pasting Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese [etc] into your CMS/Marketing Automation platform? Stop the insanity now!

Do you create content in your Marketo, Marketing Cloud, or your CMS or put time and effort into your whitepapers or videos ..?  Of course you do – every marketer does – and you put masses of effort into it.

Do you then translate that content – to localize into the native language of your audience?

Q) What’s stopping you? Is it too hard?  Is your process broken?

Q) If you do – do you rely upon colleagues or friends or third parties that are slow? And is the process as easy as it could be?

Making content localisation easy is what Cloudwords does – and it seemlessly plugs into your Marketing Automation/CMS/content and helps you to localize your content at the press of a few buttons.

If any of these things pique your interest – watch the 20 minute recording !

  • Are you keen to understand personalization through language localization?
  • Are you “Lost in Translation”? It’s time to get your marketing content under control
  • Cloudwords + Marketo. Keep your localization efforts seamlessly synced across platforms
  • First comes localization, then comes optimization
  • Successful global companies engage international audiences with their native content
  • Tired of copying and pasting Japanese, German, French, and Chinese into Marketo? Stop the insanity now!
  • How many languages do you need to convert your marketing content into cover 90% of the planet?
  • Build your Marketo assets in your content tool and native tongue – wake up tomorrow with it converted into 10x languages – and stored as new assets in Marketo ready for you!
  • Use your own translators, but want a process to manage them?

In this webinar you’ll see how to stop the madness!

We hope this video taught you some handy tips about Marketo & Salesforce. If you have a specific issue not yet covered by one of our videos or blogs, get in touch with us directly.

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