Salesforce Lightning: RMS’s updated guidance

Salesforce Lightning: RMS’s updated guidance

Salesforce rolled out Lightning three years ago now.  It started as a “full replacement” for it’s Classic interface, but it was greeted with such lack of enthusiasm, that still – all these years on, it’s not in mainstream circulation.

This [see below] was how we felt about it in 2016. But it soon became apparent that the restrictions on using the new interface were so prevalent that it wasn’t workable for RMS clients.

We’ve re-affirmed our guidance below.


And you probably felt like this:


Clicking this will change the UI to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. And makes this:


Look like this:


Ain’t it pretty?

Our guidance remains as it was 18 months ago — steer clear unless you have to use it.  But we are warming to Lightning a little bit. The main reason behind our statement is that there are still some features of SFDC that Lightning just doesnt support.  The list of non-supported features in Jan 2016 was considerably longer than it is now [then] and [now] .. yes, you did see that right – the list has made it into the Help Documentation .. !! That is quite an indication of how poor a situation this is — that the difference between Classic and Lightning is now a feature of the help text !! Wow.

So – our guidance is that – if you’re using Salesforce for the first time, and you’re not expecting to get to develop or embellsih or code in Salesfirce, then perhaps SFDC Lightning is OK for you.  If you use Campaigns, then Lightning is NOT for you [you still cant add a report of leads into a campaign in Lightning for example – and not can the lead be tipped direct into a campaign on creation. WHY, oh whyyyyyyy!

  1. The Lightning UI is really quite different from the classic UI and switching it on requires training of your sales personnel and a proper roll out plan.
  2. Unless you’re a lite-user or a sucker for punishment we suggests you just use Classic ….

Need help?  Drop Graham a line.

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