Summer '14 Release coming soon Summer '14 Release coming soon

Yes, the Summer ’14 release will be upon us soon. Here’s our top picks of the best bits:

    • Duplicate Detection (you’ll need to ask SFDC to turn this on).  It’s also available on Salesforce1 App.
    • With the SFDC1 ‘TODAY’ functionality, import an event on your phone directly to the SFDC Calendar. Also you can do add a new contact from your phone into SFDC1.


  • Roll out Chatter for a subset of Users (control this via custom profiles or permission sets).
  • Chatter Questions (beta), users can view similar questions and articles as they enter their question. Users can also select a Best Answer.
  • Enhancements to Salesforce for Outlook, including access to ‘Help’, more Publisher Actions available.
  • Price book entry customisations, so you can now create and edit custom fields, layouts, validation rules.
  • Enhancements to Reports and Dashboards on the SFDC1 App, including ‘Drill to Report’
  • Mass Delete Reports. Under the Setup menu you can now clear out those public reports that are never run!
  • Changes to the ‘Manage Users’ permission, to make sure it is not over used, now there are 8 new more specific permissions.
  • Advanced Setup search (beta, enable this at customize/user interface), so you can search for custom field definitions, custom objects etc.

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