The Secret Life of a: Marketing Technology Graduate

The Secret Life of a: Marketing Technology Graduate

I’m not entirely sure how to start these, so I’ll be as unoriginal as humanly possible…


Dear Diary,


Today is Tuesday the 1st of October and is newly appointed Marketing Technology Graduate, Andrew McLean’s first day at Resolution Marketing Services. Having had the week ahead of me described as ‘messy’ by CEO of RMS, Graham Porter, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and looking back now I feel like messy wasn’t 100% accurate rather… Hmm, let me think about that…


Day one saw me meeting Graham Porter and Lee Hackett (Bluprint Global CEO) at an office in the city for a video shoot, 8.50am sharp. To no surprise, I was a little nervous… Arriving a little early, I spotted Graham at a coffee table. I grabbed a seat and briefly caught up whilst simultaneously really hoping he remembered me and hadn’t mixed me up with someone else he wanted to hire… Phew, we’re all good and still employed… Lee wasn’t far behind accompanied by cameraman Sam, we made our introductions and headed upstairs and into the video shoot. It was somewhere between this point and the elevator ride back down to the foyer that I realised the significance of knowing and supporting English football. Something I have since taken too… UP UP MAN UNITED…


Following a second meeting and mingle, Graham and I headed to the beautiful Milsons Point office for an RMS team meet and greet. Now usually the sound of screaming children would deter any new employee from their workplace however RMS’ is located right above Luna Park so in this rare, rare, RARE case it was a good sign, one that I have still not gotten used to. Upon arrival I exchanged greetings with RMS’ very own JL, Nora, Mina and Suzanne, all of which are lovely and made me feel very welcome. I’m not entirely sure how… but fast forward thirty minutes and we were all down by the beach filming content for something that will be released in about three months. I shan’t spoil the surprise. Hmm, that was unexpected. Back at the office I did a little orientation with Graham followed by a team meeting. Thinking the day was over I walked back to my desk to which I was intercepted and instructed to head to the balcony where Graham was manning the BBQ with what looked like a feast. For the next two hours I sat outside socialising with the team.


While I don’t know how it will be to work here in the days to come, I can say one thing for sure – RMS sure know how to initiate a newbie… so back to how I would describe my first day at RMS… messy? No, but close.. me.. memorable.


That’s all for now, diary. More to come.


Andrew McLean, Marketing Technology Graduate


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