SFDC has dropped an AWESOME update!

SFDC has dropped an AWESOME update!

A huge update coming from SFDC this month has caused mass hysteria in the RMS office.. so what is this incredible addition to the CRM platform?


Space – the final frontier … !!! or “data storage” as SFDC would say. Without it, our instances are empty shells that provide no useful insights to the users – so it goes without saying, data is IMPORTANT, GREAT and the more the better!


So, what was the update? Well, as i’m sure you’ve already guessed – it’s about data storage. Changes to the calculations for data storage were announced earlier this month with projected increases to raise the minimum storage available from 1GB to 10GB. In essence, this update increases the available data storage for all SFDC users (both Professional and Unlimited). We’ve added an incredibly descriptive image below to illustrate this addition:



Now initially, we thought this was the ‘useless data storage’, used for storing attachments against a record.. but we’ve never been happier to be incorrect. This is the ACTUAL data space that stores information about your customers, products, opportunities and their relationships. A huge win for all users (woohoo)!


This means more Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Campaigns and anything else under the sun that is relevant to your business. This also removes the need to restrict certain integration features. For you Marketo users – you could consider syncing yet more Marketo Lead activity in SFDC [see earlier blog here] – to make your SFDC reporting clearer. One caveat on that is that you have enough API calls on these platforms, of course. Give us a yell if you need to.


Interested in reading the release notes regarding these changes? Click here..

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