Social Media outside of IT

I am at my most comfortable when in IT .. talking to IT people about IT.  Even as a marketer, I have spent more than half my life around programmers, product specialists and visionaries.

So when it comes to explaining to a bunch of CEO’s of Utilities [water, gas and electricity] companies where social media fits in, I felt a little out of water.

I played the usual video  on Social Media – that got a few of them nodding [nodding I hope – not nodding off].

Then I asked them to stand up – asking them to sit only if they anwered my next questions in the negative.  Rememeber these are CEOs of Utilities companies. Mostly male, mostly 50+.  “How many of you have LinkedIn?“.  All 30x remained standing.  “How many used Facebook in the last week? ” Lost only three ..!  “How many of you tweet?”  Lost only nine more.  Amazed, I reverted to “Are you on foursquare? “ .. by now they’re all seated.

So — it seems Social Media isnt just for us geek folk …

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