Social Media works !! I have [yet more] proof

Following is a real email received from “marketing/social media disbeliever” — whose name has been removed to protect the innocent.  He’s a senior consultant within the technical team of one of our senior clients.

From: <name withheld>
Sent: Tuesday, 16 August 2011 2:21 PM
To: <RMS customer COO>, <RMS customer PS Director>
CC: <RMS customer CEO>
Subject: Social Media

Hi <name withheld>,

Seems social media is working overtime. I got an impromptu  phone call from <name withheld> at <company name withheld> this afternoon. Some media had passed her desk (not sure what) and now they want to upgrade to v11.8 immediately.
Was that easy, upgrading the development environment this afternoon. In the past we have chased them to perform upgrades, now it’s more like “a new version’s available, nobody told me, why don’t I have that yet?” nice….

<name withheld>  



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