SPAM: when will we learn?

SPAM: when will we learn?

NEWS OVERNIGHT: Major Australian Retailer receives $1,000,000 fine for spamming.

Yes, $1M.

See the Sydney Morning Herald article here: Woolworths hit with record $1 million fine for spamming customers
The groceries giant breached spam laws more than 5 million times by sending marketing emails to consumers after they had unsubscribed from previous messages.
Gosh.  Simple mistake, probably – and yet with very serious implications. Yet I suspect that this is very prevalent practice.  So, it’s time to give your processes a jolly good review (understatement #1) !!  You don’t want to be the one that makes your business scourge of your industry!

I suspect this was a simple oversight – but come on, guys – this is 2020! And it’s not like we haven’t been talking about it for decades.  Indeed, the team at Bluprint reminded me that I’d written this blog seven years ago:

So – to the list we can now add Woolworths to the list – behind airline (Tiger), telco (Optus), retailer (Cellarmasters) and countless others who are not reported in the media.

So – why havent we learned anything since 2013?  Well, I have a suspicion that this is all because a) marketers are busy and there’s an expectation amongst us “such data cleanliness is just handled by my platform, no?” b) data management is seen more as an IT problem – not a marketing/operational one and c) the threat of being fined is only seen as a problem for the bigger companies.

Well, we need to wake up.  It’s not just about the legals/fine, it’s the damage to your brand reputation too.


If you want to stay out of jail drop me a line.

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