Strategies to drive engagement

Strategies to drive engagement

Engagement is something you need to continually work towards and measure. It can be difficult to know when to change tack, which combination of channels will be the most effective and what to do next if you’re not analysing your data. While there is no one surefire omnichannel solution, the 4 strategies below will help to build out an effective omnichannel marketing plan.

We’ve all been there – reviewing your engagement scores and cost per name for what you thought was a promising campaign, thinking “what are we doing wrong?”

I’ve worked with many clients in search of a one size fits all answer to this question; as it turns out, there isn’t one. BUT I’ll share the top ways I work with my clients to drive engagement with you in the hope that you will find your own answer!


  1. Align your comms to your Marketing & Business strategy
  2. Understand your current engagement level
  3. Start thinking omni-channel
  4. Define proxies for success

1. Align your comms to your Marketing & Business strategy

  • Acquisition campaigns
  • Retention campaigns
  • Growth campaigns

Don’t forget your KPIs.

  • Are you measured on generating revenue? You need to focus on channels and content aligned to all three above.
  • Are you measured on new names? Growth strategies.
  • Are you using the same channels over and over out of habit and time restriction? Continue to measure the engagement and effectiveness of all of your levers. For instance, if you did hit your KPI of 3,000 new names by July, what was the cost per new name? In retrospect was it really a successful campaign?

Make sure you are constantly realigning to the bigger picture, to ensure you don’t just get bogged down in business as usual.

2. Understand your current engagement level

When was the last time you looked beyond opens and clicks to calculate engagement?

  • Segment your reports by channel to compare effectiveness of campaigns against each other
  • Be sure to include cost in your CRM or Martech campaign to be able to analyse budget vs pipeline & cost per new name
  • Leverage your network to understand what the industry standard is and how you measure up
  • Compare historical campaigns with those you’re running now
  • Hold a workshopping session for all of your marketing users to discuss successes and regrets to continually better your practice

Now you understand what your true engagement is and you’ve got your business strategy front of mind, you’re ready for the next step.

3. Start thinking omni-channel

An emerging trend in MarTech now is the move away from mass eDM as the go-to communication channel. This tends to be the go-to for marketers unclear on the company vision. By contrast, a great marketing strategy considers multiple touchpoints in the customer lifecycle, aiming to accelerate the customer through the sales funnel.

Old faithful spray and pray mass emailing could instead be replaced with segmentation, personalised content and different touchpoints – SMS, nurture programs, video, social, display ads. These opportunities to connect real-time are all there for the taking, and most Martech softwares will have capabilities or integrations to execute and manage these multi-touch campaigns seamlessly.

4. Define proxies for success

You’ve worked hard on a campaign and you’ve just kicked off. Yahoo! Can’t wait to see the results!

Hold on – what if you could use your data to understand the health of the campaign throughout? What if it allowed you to optimise and augment for better results?

  • Use your engagement analysis from step 2 to crunch the numbers. eg to get x registrations from this channel, you had to reach x amount of people.
  • Map that out on the timeline of your campaign and define percentage to goal at each proxy success point.
  • What if you’re behind on registrations? Maybe you want to send a reminder SMS, run a promotion, reach out to sales to get more leads, include a link to this campaign in your newsletter or A/B test some content.

There are many ways you can continually measure and optimise along the life of a campaign to improve engagement and results. Try things out, keep it fresh and you will begin to see success.

Where do i start? Where can i get some insight into the process?

See here how we helped ACRF build successful omni-channel campaigns to drive engagement with Marketo.

We are currently doing similar things for an NFP using Pardot, including mapping out personas and purchasing journeys and aligning them to key business & marketing objectives.

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