Success with Marketo + Salesforce Sales Cloud at Neto

Success with Marketo + Salesforce Sales Cloud at Neto

Another day, another integration – heres a peek at our work with Neto and exactly what they thought working with RMS was like!


Tech Stack involved:

  • Marketo
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud [Professional Edition]

A quote:

“Without RMS, we wouldn’t have been able to meet our aggressive timeline of one month. Working with RMS helped us to meet these goals and get up to speed very quickly.”
Cisco Sara, Marketing Manager at Neto


  • a 15x increase in roll out time for new model campaigns in the first three months
  • all leads perfectly synced with Salesforce
  • a 75% reduction on time required to set-up campaigns – from 4 hours to 1 hour
  • five star rating from Neto

RMS helped us understand the ‘why’ behind our decisions giving us guidance when we just weren’t sure of the best approach.”
Kelly Newbery, VP of Marketing at Neto

Why RMS?

RMS’s experience with Marketo is – at time of writing – over 8 years now. As a Gold Partner we’ve implemented / enhanced / trained in over 220x Marketo installations for organisations of all sizes. Our experience with SFDC is with over 150x installations over 19+ years! That gives us a lot of experience and Best Practices to share.  At Neto – in just four weeks RMS replaced the legacy marketing system and broken processes with a new Marketo instance, completing the vital data transfer, installing fresh templates, lead scoring models and delivering training of everything. Now we’ve handed over the reins – but stand prepared to help whenever we are needed.

Download the Story!

Read the full story about the MarTech and SalesTech install here!

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