Supporting you in uncertain times

Supporting you in uncertain times

We know that of some of our clients are doing it tough at the moment. Either personally or professionally it’s tough conditions.

At RMS/BluprintX (BPX) it hasnt changed our modus operandi much – because we’re very used to working from home or working from different locations. The only difference is that we miss working with you guys F2F !  Indeed – in the early days of RMS I used to measure how successful the team was by the fact that they weren’t actually in the office.

But in this is certainly a different world at the moment. there’s a few things that I’d like to talk about as to how I think we can help you through this.


BPX can assist in three ways:

  1. Spring cleaning and Roadmap realisation.
    This sort of ‘opportunity’ only comes up once a lifetime (we hope) !  It’s an ideal time, whilst your events/campaigns/emails are a lighter-on than normal, to be picking off the ‘housekeeping/list of things to tidy up‘ list. Dust off the MarTech and SalesTech roadmap – think about the integration with webinar platforms, consider how to streamline the data input from operational systems, open up the discussion on lead nurture and improve your comms matrix. Now is a perfect time to be doing all of those sort of things. If you haven’t got a list or you would like us to help you with some ideas as to what you can be doing in this time, just drop me a line.The last thing you want to do is come out of this coronavirus thing and say, “You know what, if only I’d done this, this and this. I had the time back then, but I don’t now“.
  2. Support
    We understand that some businesses are doing it a little bit more difficult than others – and in recognition for those that aren’t on a retainer basis, we have opened up some opportunities to get to our Consultants/Experts. We’ve set up three weekly sessions for you to leverage some of the consultant’s time here:

    1. every Tuesday and Thursday there’s a whole hour set aside for one of our consultants to answer technical queries. How do I do that in Marketo and Salesforce. What’s the best way ti do this nurture? How do I get all these campaigns smashed together? What’s the best way of building a report or can you look over this campaign for me?
      That sort of level of question is welcomed.
    2. for one hour each Wednesday we’ve set aside some MCSA time. So that would be one of our architects, whoever it might be at that particular moment who will be online and be able to answer any of your Marchitecture questions.
    3. and finally – on a Friday Graham will run a session where you can ask me anything strategy wise, people-management wise, anything to do with SalesTech, MarTech and NewTech.

Feel free to leverage those resources as you require. Obviously if you’re chewing up an awful lot of time, we may need to move it to some other more commercial level, but for now, please make the most of it. Register here.

3. (up)Skill
You may have people within your team that you’ve thought about getting trained. We’ve moved all of our training courses to virtual courses. To be frank, we’ve been doing this for years remotely anyhow – so this is not new to us.  In fact one of our six trainers admitted to me that he prefers the virtual sessions !! Again anyway, we’ve just formalized it now, but we’ve moved all of our Marketo and Salesforce training courses to virtual. So you get

  • to log into our training instance so that you can actually get to use the Marketo platform during the sessions
  • all of our expertise in an instructor-led well paced environment where no-one is left behind
  • all of our training materials and exercises – all now delivered virtually – which means that we can pretty much do them for your staff wherever they may be. Perhaps they are overseas, in a far-flung part of the globe, or maybe it’s a supplier or other trusted person. Now is a great time to do that.

Now is actually a great time to train your team. It’s also a great time for you to be considering your own career. So anybody who wants to step up to the MCE level or MCSA level, by all means, give us a holler and we can put you in the appropriate training course. Check out the courses here.

So these are the ways that BPX’re helping.  We want you to come out of this period better than you entered into it – either business wise or professionally – or hopefully both.  Don’t come out of this and think “ah, that’s what I shouldve been doing !! – if only I’d done that during my time of quiet”.

Stay safe, hope everybody’s doing okay and we’ll see you on the other side.

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