Sydney Marketo Users Group – 10th April, 2019

Sydney Marketo Users Group – 10th April, 2019

What an amazing restart to the Sydney MUG (and boy oh boy did they set a high standard). Largely run by Vernoica Holmes from Adobe at the Hyatt Regency’s beautiful Grand Ballroom, the Sydney MUG was more than a bit of fun.. for those of you that missed it, here were our favourite bits..

Following introductions by our esteemed hostess Veronica Holmes, Mike Handes jumped in to give a quick recap of Summit which was closely followed by Ajay Awatramani, Head of Product Management at Marketo taking the stage. Ajay talked about the Marketo acquisition by Adobe, it’s impact on Marketo, product developments and what he’s excited about.

This discussion included the likes of Account Based Experience (ABX) (formerly Account Based Marketing), the inevitable AI takeover and it’s future prospects in Marketo, predictive and lookalike audiences, likelihood filters, send time optimisation and so much more (this stuff all sounds GREAT by the way). It really was amazing just how much we got through in the time we had..

AI and it’s slow inevitability was my favourite take away from this segment, each to their own though – do remember though folks, this stuff will not be live for at least a few more quarters!

Up next we had a 30-minute open Q&A which really offered what I feel is the primary focus of these MUG sessions.. Newbies and veterans getting together to share ideas and help one another. We had such a range of skill levels in the room, the conversation was going all over the place – what a great community we have.


Sydney’s session concluded with some final networ… wait a minute, is that Steve Lucas and Sarah Kennedy? Yep – we got a surprise visit from Marketo’s CEO and CMO who came in and gave us their two cents on the Summit, the Marketo acquisition and what’s coming.. and we’re done!

HUGE thanks to the sponsors – Cloudwords, Vidyard and the extended Marketo team that made this happen. Remember, folks: Cloudwords = Speed to Global Revenue and videos make great content – get in contact with these guys as they’re doing some great work.


We look forward to seeing you at the next Marketo User Group!


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