Top things that a good CRM + Marketing Automation system should be doing for the sales team

Top things that a good CRM + Marketing Automation system should be doing for the sales team

If your CRM & MA setup isnt at least doing all of the below — and MORE – then call us.  Immediately. We get it, sometimes, the implementation goes awry – or the people doing it get focused on the next shiny toy that’s come along.  But these benefits – below – are the absolute basics of what your CRM should be doing for you, as a sales person.

  • It sends you qualified, quality leads – graded/sorted by relevance/impotance/baked-ness. It’s not magic — there’s hard work that needs to be done – but if you’re not receiving “n” qualified leads per week, then you’re missing out [probably to your competitors].
  • It reminds you about your important prospects & leads and the digital assets they have ‘touched’ recently – did they review your web site pricing page? did they check out the new product feature-set page? did they look at the latest newsletter that Marketing send out? etc.
  • It supports you to easily allow you to communicate with groups of people – your customers and prospects. Care to write your own newsletter/bulletin to your nearest and dearest clients/prospects?
  • It provides a communications template repository to allow you – as a sales person – to to easily correspond with your customers, prospects and the people you met last night at the barbecue. You should feel empowered to be able to go to the folder called “latest” and send the brand-powered email with links to all the latest marketing collateral, with no horrid thought or consideration that you might be breaking brand guidelines.  And it allows you to send it out with a personalized message with your email footer and from your email address.
  • It builds up a knowledge-base of information and responses to emails so that you can check out all of the correspondence related to your contact – in chronological order- from inside of your CRM system.
  • It provides for a platform to make End of Quarter special offer decisions …  How many people do you have about to buy? Will a quick email to them about a special price you’ve managed to get from your Sales Director actually hit the mark?  Build the content>identify the contacts>send>watch them open and click !! <or not>
  • It allows marketing to test corporate and product messages without the need for boring meetings
  • For your bored/pipeline generation moments: it allows you to see ‘non-baked’ leads – those not ready for qualification , but who will be next week
  • It reminds me to call all those leads that Marketing created as Qualified.
  • It makes it easy to send back those that are not well qualified – so that that Marketing can get better at this!
  • it automatically knows which campaigns/marketing activities are working the best – so that we dont have to continually justify spending on the sponsorship of the footie, golf, corporate dinners and all the things I KNOW work.

If you’re not getting your fair share of the above, drop us a line !

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