Three obvious ways that Social Media Marketing works …

… I met an ex-client at a function the other week … and I was unsurprised to hear that they are not treading the path of Social Media Marketing [they’re hardly ‘pushing the envelope’ types!].

In trying to defend their position, they were trying to hide behind the fact of “there’s a lot of bull-s**t written about Social Media” as a reluctance for doing stuff.  My response was to defend SMM – and I found myself getting quite emotional about it.  Gosh — am I THAT MUCH OF A CONVERT ?  [I guess I am].  Anyhow, I was able to point out that:-

i) one of RMS’s clients has been tweeting so much that they are now TOP MENTION on the front page one of the major industry news web sites .. and they have been for three days now.

ii) Then there’s the registrations for their events that we’re picking up from Social Media – from LinkedIn, blogs and other places.

iii) Then there’s the revelling in leading industry experts retweets and the “coverage” that provides.  It’s not much in isolation — but it adds up and our profile is growing.

Overall, this client is “on a roll” and “success is breeding success”.  It all bodes well …

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