The True Benefits When Marketing Automation Is Done Well

The True Benefits When Marketing Automation Is Done Well

After you’ve “had” Marketing Automation for a while  – you begin to realise its true power. We call this “the aha moment”, well past the early ideas of lead scoring or “who opened my email” or “who’s clicking on my landing pages” which are defined in another story of ours here from a few years ago.

I am talking about The Aha Moment well past the early days.  I’m talking about the place we’re striving to get all of our customers who’ve been using Marketing Automation.  I’m talking about the game-changing decision to try something new, to be disruptive in their industry, to attempt some way of interacting, automating and supporting customers in a new way.  Yes, Marketing Automation really *is* that good.  It can be the launch-pad for your business – the game-changer which takes your organisation to The Next Level.

The reason I think this might surprise you.  The reason this opportunity is here and now is less about the technology – although it has certainly helped that Marketing Automation is now mainstream.  The reason is the people using these Marketing Automation tools. Marketeers are close to The Business. Marketeers understand the client like no one else.  Marketeers understand the people delivering the goods/service you offer.  And what are you doing with all that knowledge?

All you need to do is to spark a thought “what if we …?”  Apply the brain to what you know about the business.  Your future is now.  Grasp the opportunity now.  Make the change, get the brainstorms going, be the catalyst to make it happen  – just like the companies below who are so into Marketing Automation that if you said “we’re going to take MA away from you” there’d be uproar ..

Here’s just a few we can talk about:

  • The bowling alley chain that uses past history AND future weather data [from] to predict bad weather on school holiday days  – to proactively send notifications to parents who need to get their kids out of the house tomorrow.  As if this wasnt enough automation – based on bookings made they then automate emails to the additional/temp staff to “man” the alleys in the busier times.
  • The printer company which uses the data captured in the devices they sell to businesses to predict when they should be sending special offers on ink [and when they shouldn’t].
  • The software company that analyses the behavioural data of their customers on their help text to sell how-to training courses.
  • The logistics company who predicts the significance/importance of a package presently in transit – and which auto-changes the cadence of update/delivery emails accordingly to improve customer satisfaction.
  • The university who identifies students who are most likely to not continue their studies, and those who are struggling.
  • The data centre company who tracks users logging into their portal yet to locate not-happy customers.
  • The real estate agency who is able to find patterns in buyer behaviour to predict the “next hot” suburbs based not on real-estate crystal balls, but by real analytical data in buyer behaviour.
  • The software company who is re-inventing itself as a start-up who is taking Growth Hacking to new heights and leveraging the behaviour of potential customers on a personal journey.
  • The cold-meat company that has turned the tables on retailers who were insisting on specific ways of ordering their produce.
  • The loyalty card who can offer 1:1 deals to millions of shoppers based on their purchase of tea-bags yesterday.
  • The airline that is keeping their search engine advertising agency “honest” by tracking ‘real’ clicks and ‘real’ $conversions – not made up mumbo-jumbo powerpoint slide reports.
  • The loss-making travel company attempting to turn itself around by putting the focus back on the corporate traveller.

Marketing Automation is here to stay – and if you’re not doing it right – you’re not doing your job. Hurry up before your competitors do.

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