WEBINAR: Marketo Unlocked: The Art of the marketing campaign Debrief

WEBINAR: Marketo Unlocked: The Art of the marketing campaign Debrief


Working efficiently doesn’t always guarantee effective campaigns and programs; too many marketing efforts are leveraged from previous projects with little or no ROI to the business. In this webinar, we explored ways of identifying ruts when it comes to generating output from your work. We also looking into these areas of debriefing:

  • Intentions and Campaign outcomes – what are we aiming to achieve? Is it in line with business expectations and team KPIs?
  • Measuring success and how it is tracked in Marketo
  • Investigating your cohort, cadence or content as areas for development when it comes to improving campaigns

Some of the questions we answered included:

  • Which type of report is easiest to create in Marketo to show ROI for my programs?
  • Is all of this reporting possible if I don’t have a CRM system?
  • Have any of RMS’s clients ever been blacklisted due to blasting too many emails?
  • Direct mail; who still doing that?!
  • I feel bad that I’m not doing this stuff. Am I the only one or are there lots of clients who aren’t that advanced yet?
  • Why does Mina say that email can be a hated channel?

Check out the recording below to see the full session! [44 min duration]

Additionally, we’ve included an example briefing sheet to get teams started with their debriefing process!

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