RMS’s new Milsons Point offices

RMS’s new Milsons Point offices

Want a nice view? an inspirational lookout? and a place for a BBQ lunch a few times a week? Well then – join us at our new Milsons Point offices.

We’ll provide internet access, your desk(s), chair(s), phone(s) and the view.  There’s a BBQ for lunches and entertaining of clients. There’s a kitchen and several! beer fridges, 2x meeting rooms and … did I mention there’s a view?

I’ve added a few photos below. Fees are negotiable dependent upon the number of desks you need but the idea is we’d charge you rent+incidentals based on the number of desks you want. There’s enough space for 17 desks – so we’re looking for a company to share with us of between 1 to 8 people.

The desks are all new btw. All brand new stand-up height adjustable desks – each with a 2nd screen.  All you need do is turn up and plug in.

We’re at Milsons Point – a 3 mins walk from the station.  Email me if you’re interested.

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